my stupidity

It looks like that broken heart causes stupidity (or perhaps I am really moron). It happened last nite when I would go online on my laptop. I found that my unlimited internet connection quota was over . After I finished writing something, I would like to post it on my blog. Since I had no intenet connection at that time, I went outside and bought a 50.000,- electronic voucher (pulsa-I mean). I usually buy a two-week unlimited internet connection package provided by AS telkomsel. But last nite, after I had 50.000,- on my AS sim card, I directly went online without registering it to unlimited package. I continued online by opening my facebook, email and blog account. I read status of friends of mine on facebook, checked the email, then I copied my writing to my blog to post it. What happened next..?? when I would like to post it, I was disconnected. Suddenly I realized something that may happen. I felt shaky thinking ‘bout the possibility. What on my mind was I spent all the credit balance by going online without unlimited package. Then, hurriedly I checked the credit balance. Yeahhhh….I was right. I had spent ALL the credit balance only in some minutes, SOME MINUTES,,NOT MORE THAN TEN MINUTES. OMG,,what had I done..stupid,,moron,,dumb ass you G,,

Hiks..hiks..huaaaa….how stupid I am,,and How greedy TELKOMSHIT is . Fuck you telkomshit.


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