New Year’s Resolution’s been 2011. My life was boring in 2010. Okay,,I found some guys and went on a date with them (not at the same time of course- during last year I mean). They looked like (LOOKED LIKE) had a crush on me and I welcomed those (of course after I considered several things) who would like to “get closer” to me. I thought maybe I could find my soul mate among them. I have no intention to “play” with them. I just want to find the possibility who knows that one of them is my husband-to be. So I continued having no-status relationship with them, enjoying every love and attention they gave to me. However, we know if the person is not our soul mate, it means that we will separate with him/her in any way, even only by small problem.  And as time goes by,,one by one left me. Well, I thought I was okay if someone left me. I’m mature enough to think logically. So when one guy left me,,(surely I was sad), I didn’t let myself to be in bad condition only due to it. I gave myself sad-deadline time. So after the deadline, I should go back and continue my life, like my favorite quotation “life goes on”. I should really go on.

Then, another guy came. As usual, I let him in into my heart.. seeking the possibility that he is the one God sent as mine. But still, not this guy.. 🙂

On and on, until I found the last one. He was the guy I never thought before. The one who usually got my name wrong (he did it twice, if i’m not mistaken). He came suddenly, offered me rose days and you know what,, he knew exactly what to do to approach a woman. Well, he was romantic, the most romantic guy ever came to my life. He willingly brought my shopping bag, which I never found among other guys. But due to some reasons (which i don’t know), he left me. Okay..I admitted that we argued ‘bout something. When I wanted him like this and he couldn’t make it, I got angry. I thought that he just didn’t wanna do it, not because he couldn’t. And he didn’t try to find me when we were in bad condition. He didn’t care with it. Well, I have written about it entitled “this is from the bottom of my broken heart”. You can find the rest story (if u’re willing to read it 🙂 )

So in this new year, sure I have some resolutions which I hope I can make them all. But I think I would be slow down which means not too strict of something. Last year I was so ‘keukeuh” that I have to be like this or like that, but in this year, I would let it flow like water. Following where my feet will lead me. Enjoying life by gathering with some of my friends, making my family happy, especially my mom, and I also plan to do some travelling, visitting my friends outside this city and of course have some fun there.

Actually I have been thinking about my long-term plan,   I wish I could reach it maybe in these two years starting from this year. I dedicate it for my parents. and I hope God gives me strength to realize it. Besides, I’d like to make changes in some aspects of my life. Well, first change that I have made is deactivating my facebook account. I am sure this is only for a while, but I have no idea when I would reactivate it again. I hope soon so that I could interact with my buddies easily and get latest news bout them. I just feel sick right now and I think being exist in real world is better. I hope I could re-arrange my life. Thinking deeply what I should change or not. to be better and better.


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