this is from the bottom of my broken heart

This new year is begun with disappointment. The guy who had successfully stolen my heart has left me.  He left me without saying any single word. What really makes me shocked is he is in a relationship now. a relationship. Only some weeks after we separated. It hurts me so much. So much..

Indeed broken heart is not something new to me. But this time, it’s different. I know believing a guy is not a good idea. But this guy, I don’t know but I TRUST HIM. I put my trust on him on every single word he said. That’s stupid of me.  Letting him come into my life and play with my fragile heart. I thought he would stay beside me and prove his words that he is trustworthy. But I’m wrong. Any love that I showed him didn’t make him stay. He still went away. Drifted away..

Maybe I’m not the kind he needs to love. Perhaps I’m far from his criterion 🙂 Well, I can understand it. Being together with someone who is not click with your heart isn’t something good. But as a mature person, I expected he said something, even only a good bye. Please..say something.. about us.

Okay,,I won’t blame anybody. I would just say to myself to be  more careful next time. To look deep into his heart first before falling in love with him. It doesn’t mean I am choosy, just want to protect my heart and myself until I’m sure that he is really for me. The one that God sends to be beside me ever after.


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