Difference between ‘Much’ and ‘a lot of’

a lot of – much – many

A lot ofmuch many are  used  to  express  quantity.

A lot of : can be used in all sentences, affirmative, negative and interrogative.

Much-many :      are used in negative and interrogative sentences.
They are rarely used in affirmative sentences, except if they begin
the sentence
(see table below).

Much is used with uncountable nouns (for example : much English)
Many is used with countable nouns (for example : many words).




We learn a lot of English.
I make a lot of mistakes.
of our food is exported.
Many people drive too fast.

I don’t know a lot of English.
I don’t know much English.

I don’t know a lot of words.
I don’t know many words.

Do you learn a lot of English?
Do you know much English?

Do you make a lot of mistakes?
Do you make many mistakes?

Compare a lot of and a lot :

◊ Tom knows a lot of vocabulary.

◊ Tom is talkative.  He talks a lot.

(source : http://www.learn-english-today.com/lessons/lesson_contents/a_lot_much_many.html )


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