Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom there lived a widowed gentleman with his lovely daughter, ella. Ella was a beautiful girl. She had golden hair and her eyes were blue. The gentleman was a kind and devoted father.  He gave ella everything her heart desired. But he felt she needed a mother. So he married again. Choosing for his wife a woman with two daughters. Their names were anastasia and drizela.

The gentleman soon died. Then the stepmother’s true nature was revealed. She was only interested in her ugly, selfish daughters. She gave ella a little room in the attic, old rags to wear and all the housework to do. Soon everyone called her cinderella because she got so covered with cinders from cleaning the fireplaces.

But cinderella had many friends. Thee old horse, bruno the dog, and the mice, gus and jaq. This one is lucifer. He was her stepmother’s cat. Lucifer liked to get cinderella into trouble. One day, he chased gus the mouse onto anastasia’s breakfast tray. She cried then blamed it to cinderella. “as a punishment” the stepmother said to cinderella. “you will wash the windows, scrub the terrace and sweep the halls. And don’t forget the laundry.”

At another part of the kingdom, a king was worrying about his son. “it’s time for the prince to get married.” He said to his Grand Duke. “but, sire,” the Grand Duke replied, “he must fall in love first. “no buts about it,” the king replied. “We’ll have a ball tonight. It will be very romantic. Send out the invitations,” he ordered his grand duke.

When the invitation arrived, the stepmother announced, “every girl in the kingdom is invited to a ball in honor of the prince”. “why, that means I can go, too.” Cinderella said. “well, yes.” Replied her mother in a sly smile. “but only if you get all your work done and only if you have something suitable to wear.

Cinderella had hoped to fix her old party dress. But anastasia nad drizella wanted her to help them, instead. Her mother kept her busy, too. She worked hard all day long. And when she came back to her little room in the attic, it was almost time to leave for the ball, and her dress wasn’t ready.

But the mice had managed to find ribbons, and sashes. They had sewn them to cinderella’s old party dress and it looked beautiful. When the stepsisters saw this, they shrieked, “those are my ribbons.” “that’s my sash,” they tore cinderella’s dress to shred. “come on, girls. Let’s go now.” The stepmother said to her daughters.

Cinderella ran into the garden. She wept and wept. Suddenly, a hush fell over the garden then a cloud of lights began to twinkle and glow. A small woman appeared. “dry those tears, my dear.” She said. “ who are you?” cinderella gasped. “I am you fairy godmother.” Come on, don’t cry, dear. I will help you. What we need is a pumpkin. Then she waved her magical wand. A pumpkin rose up and swelled into an elegant coach. She turned the old horse into coachman, bruno the dog became the footman and her mice became horses.

“but, how can I go to the ball without nice dress?”. “good heaven” the woman said. Again she waved her magical wand and turned cinderella’s dress into an exquisite gown. On her feet were tiny glass slippers. “now, remember cinderella.” You must come back before midnight. As the spell will be broken and all will be as it was before.” Cinderella promised. Then she went to the palace.

Arriving at the ball, the prince was yawning with boredom. When he caught sight of cinderella, he walked over her and kissed her hand. He asked cinderella to dance with him. They swirled off across the ballroom. The prince never left cinderella. They danced and danced until cinderella heard the clock began to chime.  “” cinderella gasped. “it’s midnight. I must go.” “wait, come back.” Called the prince.

Cinderella hurried down the palace steps. In her haste, she lost one of her slippers. But she had no time to pick it up. She leapt into the waiting coach. As soon as they went through the gate, the magic spell broke. Cinderella found herself standing by the side of the road with her old rags, but she still wore the slipper. The coachman became her horse again. Her footman was bruno, her coach was only hollow pumpkin and the four horses were the mice. They looked sadly at cinderella. Then they hurriedly came back to their house before the others came home.

The next day, the stepmother told the girls that the grand duke was coming to see them. She said that the prince was looking for a young lady whose foot fits the slipper. Whoever she is, she will marry the prince. Cinderella smiled and hummed the waltz they danced at the ball. The stepmother became suspicious. Then she locked cinderella in her room. Gus and jaq the mice had plan to help her. They stole the key from the stepmother’s pocket then they unlocked cinderella. She hurriedly rushed down the stairs to try on the slipper. Seeing cinderella, the stepmother tripped the page who was holding the slippers. It broke into a thousand pieces. “don’t worry, cinderella said. “I have the other one”. she put on the slipper and it fitted her perfectly.

The grand duke brought cinderella to the palace. The prince was glad to see her and they were soon married. Cinderella didn’t forget all her friends. They all moved to the castle and they lived happily ever after


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