Does romantic love guarantee your marriage?

do you think that lifelong relationship can be based purely on romantic love? Your answer to this question will probably depend on several factors, including your culture, your age, and your parents’ marriage. After much consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that romantic love is definitely not all it’s supposed to be.
First of all, recent scientific research shows that all the symptoms associated with romantic love are caused by chemicals and usually last less than three years. What happens next? Unless you and your partner have the foundation necessary for a strong relationship, including shared interest, economic stability, and family support, your affection probably won’t last once these chemicals wear off.
Second, what if you never get swept off your feet? Finding a soul mate is not that easy in today’s busy world, where people focus so much of their time and energy on completing their studies and finding a rewarding career. Who has the time to fall in love?
While romantic feelings may be responsible for bringing couples together, they do not determine whether a relationship will overcome the challenges that time and external factors pose.

(taken from ‘English One’ )


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