master’s sun

I have just finished watching all episodes of “master’s sun”, a horror romantic korean drama. At the beginning of the story I thought it would just be the same as other drama. well, I don’t really like korean drama actually.  I prefer to watch action hollywood movies  since they are more exciting. However, as I watch it, I feel there’s something in the drama that makes me want to watch it more and more. So I decided to finish all the episodes in three days.

well. I’d like to tell you more about this, but right now I have a more important task to do so I’ll continue it later. 🙂

master8-00289ok, I’m ready to write a review about this drama. It consists of 17 episodes which are performed one hour for each. The story tells about a woman named Tae Gong Shil who has ability to see ghost. she had ever been in deep comma for about three years but fortunately she woke up from her long comma. after her long “sleep”, she then was able to see ghost which finally made her life upside down. Tae Gong Shil was a bright student before. her sixth sense has made her life difficult since she was afraid all the time. she was unable to sleep well due to the condition. however, this ability finally enables her to find her soul mate whom she can depend on .

the first episode began with the ghost of grandma who stayed in room 404 at the apartment where tae gong shil worked.


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